nautilus 2.28.2

       Module: nautilus
      Version: 2.28.2
  Uploaded by: Alexander Larsson
 sha256sum: 084dcc2443727e2d9d5b35a64a59c7d184697e83e8e012bcdc8153303b60dd06
      size: 8.5M
 sha256sum: 6e4ff8d1533e0786721f9d4958d4f78c5c89ac7e8fff00b3989895c00cf2cffe
      size: 5.8M


Major changes in 2.28.2 are:
* Translation updates
* Tracker: more robust for failure
* Fixed "stuck" thumbnailing icon (#598931)
* Fix crash when renaming file to "" in list view
* Support absolute filenames as icons in extensions again
* Update UI correctly when inverting selection
* Initialize show-hidden-files UI correctly depending
* Fix free of uninitialized memory

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