evolution 2.29.3

       Module: evolution
      Version: 2.29.3
  Uploaded by: Chenthill Palanisamy

 sha256sum: 840b8526cdcabca0557dd49a313b58f897e922eb61c7128c3e21c6004da0c1a1
      size: 44M

 sha256sum: 4344b3c2d352e04420d86ff49aa21c54492e4b5ba87df4ebdc259645f79d1ce8
      size: 37M


Evolution 2.29.3 2009-11-30

Bug Fixes:

	#558030 - Convert meeting to appointment popup menu option(Milan Crha)
	#550025 - Add error dialogs for Meetings (Paul Bolle)
	#598166 - All Day Meeting String Improvement (Milan Crha)
	#602907 - Cannot delete meetings or appointments in list view 
	(Matthew Barnes)
	#602102 - [regression] evolution-alarm-notify segv on login to desktop 
	(Chenthill Palanisamy)
	#602081 - Runtime warnings when going to Tasks (Milan Crha)
	#602165 - Meeting window doesn't show status, role fields (Milan Crha)
	#602098 - No progress notification from GnomeCalendar (Milan Crha)
	#602081 - Calendar purge doesn't seem to work (Milan Crha)
	Bug 494394 -  No way for the user to refresh a calendar (Milan Crha)

	#591330 - Do not clear task preview every minute (Milan Crha)
	#602704 - Actions->Purge in task view doesn't work (Matthew Barnes)

	#602799 - "Mark for Follow Up" menu item glitches (Matthew Barnes)
	#602844 - Flags not saved to IMAP account on exit (Matthew Barnes)
	#563555 - Confirm before forwarding many emails inline 
	(Ritesh Khadgaray)
	#579599 - Let the Advanced Search work again (Milan Crha)
	#602178 - Missing widget in Search folder dialog (Milan Crha)
	#590127 - Define ETable::vertical-spacing style property (Milan Crha)
	#592294 - Output an error message on system filter rules loading error
	(Yan Li)

	#361156 - contacts-map plugin (Cedric Bosdonnat)
	#602803 - New Contact enabled for read-only address books 
	(Matthew Barnes)
	#474502 - Don't check for contacts in broken address books (Milan Crha)
	#364618, solve the chinese character issue. (Jeff Cai)

	#602177 - Plug leaks. Fix race. (Paul Bolle)
	#601517 - Accept/decline options are missing on event right click
	(Milan Crha)

	#551603 - Special case "positive zero alarms" (Paul Bolle)
	#554779 - Removal of task due date does not sync from Palm.
	(Matt McCutchen 2)

	#602920 - In German translation (Mario Blättermann)
	#602719 - Default /evolution/shell/network_config/proxy_type to 0 
		  explicitly(Milan Crha)
	#602625 - Typos in translation messages (Matthew Barnes)
	#360461 - Do not hardcode invisible_char in ui files (Claude Paroz)
	#589153 - Use GtkBuilder instead of libglade (Matthew Barnes)
Other Changes:

	Fix uninitialized variable from a patch for bug #591330 (Milan Crha)
	Header file cleanup. (Matthew Barnes)
	Disallow renaming a non-deletable ESource. (Matthew Barnes)

	Remove some redundancy from EABContactDisplay. (Matthew Barnes)
	Don't unref destinations in eab_send_as_to(). (Matthew Barnes)

	Rewrite champlain-gtk and geoclue detection. (Matthew Barnes)
	Remove unused files after GtkBuilder merge (Milan Crha)

	Implement a new 'killev' program. (Matthew Barnes)
	Make EShell more subclassable. (Matthew Barnes)
	Add a --quit command-line option. (Matthew Barnes)
	Add a --geometry command-line option. (Matthew Barnes)

	Fix a build error. (Matthew Barnes)

	Update API documentation. (Matthew Barnes)
	Coding style and whitespace cleanups. (Matthew Barnes)
	Fix compile time warnings in filter/e-rule-context.c (Milan Crha)
	Add Evolution's process ID to ~/.evolution/.running. (Matthew Barnes)
	Restore some lost characters in filter.ui. (Matthew Barnes)
	Add gettext/glade prefix before ui files in POTFILES.in (Claude Paroz)
	Remove the last traces of libglade. (Matthew Barnes)
	Fix typos in e_cal_shell_content_paste_clipboard(). (Matthew Barnes)
	Fix some details in our asynchronous functions. (Matthew Barnes)
	Still tweaking pane position restoration. (Matthew Barnes)
	Kill e_util_read_file(). (Matthew Barnes)
	Add e_attachment_store_load_async(). (Matthew Barnes)
	Kill Evolution's icon cache once and for all. (Matthew Barnes)
	Assemble HTML code in a GString instead of a GtkHTMLStream.
	(Matthew Barnes)
	Prefer EWebView calls over direct GtkHTML calls. (Matthew Barnes)
	Updated POTFILES.in/skip after GTKBuilder migration (Claude Paroz)

	Jorge González (es)
	Ivar Smolin (et)
	Mattias Põldaru (et)
	Claude Paroz (fr)
	Bruno Brouard (fr)
	Matej UrbanÄ?iÄ? (sl)
	Zhang Miao (zh_CN)

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