gnumeric 1.9.16

       Module: gnumeric
      Version: 1.9.16
  Uploaded by: Morten Welinder
 sha256sum: 5dad4d060ce647b8604626646b86d29960e067d1afb52e6c2428c60f6d3d773b
      size: 21M
 sha256sum: 427b9770e4c3447a4876b0d4e49fca33e2a4ae3b5921134632861fcc31b2061e
      size: 16M


Gnumeric 1.9.16

	* Clarify distinction between Document and View Properties.
	* Sort the translated labels in the preference dialog.
	* Turn view properties dialog into instant-apply dialog.
	* Temporarily remember the sort setups. [#100541]
	* Work around GTK bug #601922.
	* Add ADTEST (Anderson-Darling Test for Normality).
	* Add normality test tool.
	* Add LKSTEST (Lilliefors (Kolmogorov-Smirnov) Test of Normality).
	* Add SFTEST (Shapiro-Francia Test of Normality).
	* Add CVMTEST (Cramér-von Mises Test of Normality).

	* Fix cursor and cell edition on dark backgrounds. [#600656]
	* Fix multiple error message boxes in graph guru. [#152517]
	* Invert selected text in a cell when editing. [#122176]
	* Allow selection when the click occur after the last character. [#388342]
	* Fixed selecting text in a cell. [#337521]

	* turnkey win32 build on 32bit host.
	* update desktop file to follow new guidelines.

	* Resurrect long-double support.
	* More solver fixes.
	* Plug another mps leak.
	* Fix problem with remote uris.  [#601274]
	* Use external solver program.
	* Allow constants on solver constraints' rhs.  [#369728]
	* Fix extreme case for R.PGAMMA.
	* Fix solver undo/redo.
	* Make solver parameter changes always persist.  [#440664]
	* Re-implement MPS importer.
	* Fix matching of "Sep 23 2008".  [#603116]
	* Major scenario code cleanup.
	* Implement load and save of scenarios.


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