sound-juicer 2.26.2

       Module: sound-juicer
      Version: 2.26.2
  Uploaded by: Bastien Nocera
 sha256sum: 76bab807525e996e717810a179d8bde023366f610ae2423717d5a6193827f813
      size: 2.4M
 sha256sum: 66edbafd39d6b313e1bdbc7409796fbc34cb3c4585f123b73d86f41e98dc1dea
      size: 2.0M


Sound Juicer "So give me a hug, it's your birthday" 2.26.2

* Fix warning on startup when the configured drive doesn't exist (Bastien Nocera)
* Fix a number of leaks and crashes when the audio CD isn't known
  in MusicBrainz (BN)
* Disable paranoia when playing back the CD (BN)
* Fix CD-Text metadata using gvfs to work (BN)
* Don't truncate submission URLs (BN)
* Set MusicBrainz UUID in files, not a full URL (Philipp Wolfer)

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