eog 2.29.2

       Module: eog
      Version: 2.29.2
  Uploaded by: Felix Riemann

 sha256sum: fb5e31e712ed9cfa8d00b0cccc697188585c069838bd7cd9a1d2d9befcee67e6
      size: 3.5M

 sha256sum: e5a7049cfe3d4e04d388969901d9c474b5e95bb27cb923325f6eac38b09188cd
      size: 2.6M


Version 2.29.2

  * Add dialog asking to save changes on exit (Marcus Carlson)
  * Build system fixes (Sebastien Bacher)

Bug fixes:

  #322243, eog doesn't ask whether to save changes (Marcus Carlson)
  #600893, don't use LOCALMODLIBS in the configure (Sebastien Bacher)

New and updated translations

- Alexander Shopov [bg]
- Thomas Thurman [en shaw]
- Jorge González [es]
- Antón Méixome [gl]
- Matej UrbanÄ?iÄ? [sl]

Version 2.29.1

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