gok 2.29.2

       Module: gok
      Version: 2.29.2
  Uploaded by: Gerd Kohlberger

 sha256sum: 7665803ab93e671624d6c9dc0426b4196b065c65d002b74a19168cc7e2fdbfbc
      size: 2.4M

 sha256sum: 744307749c06fb81b3fc359affd161985104b7996ad7bef92a8ff4f560152d53
      size: 1.5M


What's new in GOK 2.29.2?

	Bug fixes:

	#595477 - Fix the gconf schema generation for Feedback options
	#600736 - Compile with GSEAL enabled

	Misc. updates / fixes:

	- Set the page-size of the GtkSpinButtons to 0
	- Add support for AM_SILENT_RULES

	New and updated translations:

	[nb] Kjartan Maraas
	[sl] Matej UrbanÄ?iÄ?
	[ta] drtvasudevan

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