genius 1.0.8

       Module: genius
      Version: 1.0.8
  Uploaded by: George Lebl
 sha256sum: 944ee478c7d59aaf1075c2da99e5ec93903e3e5d9b8f4a58b0bd08ae9df6ee76
      size: 2.1M
 sha256sum: e5b007daac45768fcc5241851a73946241af1ed2017593cb3918d14d7b25ff6c
      size: 1.6M


Changes to 1.0.8

* Buildfixes for Cygwin and parallel builds (Yaakov)
* Check events before executing a command line, fixes a race which results in
  display anomalies on new vte.
* Documentation updates
* Require GTK/GLib 2.12 and use the new tooltips API.

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