nautilus-actions 1.12.3

       Module: nautilus-actions
      Version: 1.12.3
  Uploaded by: Pierre Wieser
 sha256sum: 953c8d91bc7bd488cecd393f3b46ecc7b720c14ae2ca33931db8b195e57acb04
      size: 988K
 sha256sum: 919804b3939d669d8f9e9fd32f198b4286c665db9f655f35c96a27a69a236bbd
      size: 672K


Version 1.12.3

	Release date 2009-11-07

	This is the third bugfix release of the 1.12 serie.


		#599520 reported by Antonio Lima (do not mark author names for
		#600712 reported by Deji Akingunola (NACT crashes on export)
		#599913 reported by Vincent (menubar is not visible)

	Other Code enhancements

		Remove terminating dot from radio button labels.

		Make the assistants transient relatively to the main window.

		Initialize console utils log handlers.

		Use XML markup to print messages embedding XML tags.

		Fix copy of profiles of an action by reinitializing the target
		list of profiles before duplicating the source one.

	New and updated translations

		None at this time.

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