vala 0.7.8

       Module: vala
      Version: 0.7.8
  Uploaded by: Jürg Billeter
 sha256sum: 1247d1fc9b746a1b95d266c5fc7948aaebaf9586f94112f74bf80f238080f4ae
      size: 2.9M
 sha256sum: b2daf636d95ef66ffd5132eacf18335073b71bfaa18f7ad06f25bcf9673aa747
      size: 1.9M


Vala 0.7.8

 * Support constructor chain up to GObject using Object (...).
 * Add syntax for string templates.
 * Support (!) non-null casts.
 * Many bug fixes and binding updates.

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