glom 1.12.3

       Module: glom
      Version: 1.12.3
  Uploaded by: Murray Cumming
 sha256sum: df246c410763066a4e5d8bf8c0e7b1f33bf3b3baef9c65ddb6528d6e633fe35e
      size: 3.9M
 sha256sum: 33a1675b36beeb2de098cdd2dbc550d1e0c7eeb72415448667bda80aab9e4ed4
      size: 3.2M


1.12.3 (stable):

* List: Fix zero-width columns. That regression was introduced in 1.12.2.
  (Murray Cumming)
* Developer Mode: Tables, Relationships: Allow a singular title to be specified,
  though it is currently only used on Maemo.
  (Murray Cumming)
* Windows Build:
  - Builds for Windows again. (Armin Burgmeier)
* Build: Support Automake silent rules. (Daniel Elstner)
* Maemo Build:
  - Adapted for latest hildonmm API.
  - AppMenu: Add "Add" and "Add Related" buttons, instead of having + 
    buttons in the window. This does not work perfectly and needs some work.
  - Make TextViews small initially.
  - Details:
    - Show the table name in the window title.
    - Use PickerButtons instead of ComboBoxes.
  - Widget spacing improvements to match the Maemo UI spec.
   (Murray Cumming)
  - Create a libosso D-Bus service and register it, so Glom can run in the 
  background like a normal Maemo application.
  - Show the application and its icon in the applications menu.
  (David King)

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