longomatch 0.15.4

       Module: longomatch
      Version: 0.15.4
  Uploaded by: Andoni Morales Alastruey

 sha256sum: 5b2f19a2d8ff611865d1aadac9a020641d649b860ec61020b0de982a3e8b5729
      size: 612K

 sha256sum: f9fd5442708b1624e9c236bf98fa62e0e165574e984ec68fba1f17f1e58b9332
      size: 512K


===== LongoMatch 0.15.4 =====

	== Features ==
	* New drawing widget with specialized tools that allows to make drawings in a frame and save it in a file or
	  in a play as a key frame. When this drawings are saved as key frame and the play is loaded, the player
	  recall thme when it reaches the instant they belong to.
	* Speeds improvements in retrieving projects from the database.
	* Better readabilty of plays using bigger thumbnails and improving info layout
 	== Bugs Fixed ==
 	* [#598675] Memory leak handling Project objects  

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