pygoocanvas 0.14.1

       Module: pygoocanvas
      Version: 0.14.1
  Uploaded by: Gian Mario Tagliaretti
  md5sum: d502dea5c0d2ac71d953895df81c32e8
 sha1sum: ea1e10a24ef15a1d3880552fff6352d8b0621ef5
    size: 416K
  md5sum: e0e7b694af2f81a78b0838555d150252
 sha1sum: e51d4721b3dd3c1b104a70eb66d79e54197123cf
    size: 328K


PyGooCanvas 0.14.1	(May 10 2009)

 o Fix a segfault due to an API change in PycCairo (Gian Mario)
 o Autogenerate the ChangeLog from git logs (Gian Mario)
 o Fix the build when using libtool 2.x (Gian Mario)
 o Make the required changes after the switch to git (Gian Mario)

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