gnote 0.3.1

       Module: gnote
      Version: 0.3.1
  Uploaded by: Hubert Figuière
  md5sum: 4a52a593770815e016410ff4b9bdc05d
 sha1sum: 9c9547a009527e9f7a62402ce0d3c60c3f8abc2f
    size: 1.7M
  md5sum: ca956e349c9f943ce272724bd265410a
 sha1sum: 082cf2c402241eec5f88663b214b39326966cad1
    size: 1.5M


0.3.1 "Five-One-Four" - 2009/05/05


  * Missing header in src/addins/inserttimestamp/inserttimestampnoteaddin.cpp
  * Don't crash when deleting a note (Closes #579839)
  * Plugged various memory leaks.
  * Cleared up a few Gtkmm warnings.
  * Applet was trying to use an icon named "tomboy" (Closes #581226) 
    (Robert Millan)
  * .desktop file didn't have the version (Jonathon Jongsma)
  * .desktop has improper XFCE category and should have OnlyShowIn entry
    for GNOME and XFCE (Closes #580481)
  * Help didn't work in the Note windows. (Closes #581200)
  * Notebook addin toolbar button was inconsistent. (Closes #581213)
  * Delete notebook now works in the search dialog. (Closes #581222)
  * Popup menus in the search dialog now appear.
  * Output options at the end of configure and fail if D-Bus is enabled.


  * Added translations:
    - Japanese (ja)
  * Updated translations:
    - Arabic (ar)
    - Catalan (ca)
    - French (fr)
    - Spanish (es)
  * Fix format causing crashes. (Closes #580868)
  * Fix a typo in the gconf schema description (Closes #581239)
  * Fix small translatable strings (Closes #579197)

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