Module: gnome-video-arcade
  Uploaded by: Matthew Barnes
  md5sum: 8477faaf5e817a6d3b052db502860e33
 sha1sum: 19a230d2d2f4ca4c553fb647bc6037b471a0c755
    size: 984K
  md5sum: 865e285ce6b04270e47f306e73dda006
 sha1sum: 3ea21550da2304b2f2f0268c4dec6afe20bc100c
    size: 808K


GNOME Video Arcade

        Released May 25 2008

        What's New
        * Fix a crash that occurs when starting in or switching to the
          Search Results view.  Reported by Damion Manuel and Taylor Easum.

GNOME Video Arcade 0.6.1

        Released May 17 2008

        What's New
        * Status bar shows the number of games in the current view.
        * Quickly add or remove columns by right-clicking on the game list.
        * More intuitive search behavior.  Picking an item from the search
          completion list now does an exact match on that item.

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