tracker 0.6.92

       Module: tracker
      Version: 0.6.92
  Uploaded by: Martyn James Russell
  md5sum: 922873bf81aa518b6a32aa397a250337
 sha1sum: bfcd6f3456174cc582fa2e87ea957d448cc47151
    size: 2.0M
  md5sum: df843d3ef338baf6c91e252db3273533
 sha1sum: 6c3ca356c61a79a95e0ec0c7910f3d93ccec6fd1
    size: 1.3M


NEW in 0.6.92:
- Fixed memmove error in QDBM when updating a word
- Fixed GValues leak in _result_set_to_metadata()
- Fixed small ontology error for image extractors
- Fixed trackerd not changing throttling when switching between charging/discharging states
- Fixed battery remaining percentage in logs, was always 0%
- Fixed crasher when calling thumbnailer with older versions of DBus, use int instead of int64
- Fixed logic for signalling status in tracker-indexer
- Fixed mtime checking in tracker-indexer, only reindex if file mtime is different, not just newer
- Fixed tracker-extract -f command to transform filenames to full paths
- Fixed setting tags in tracker-indexer
- Improve tracker-dbus_query_result_to_ptrarry(), don't recheck UTF8 validity of strings
- Improve failure conditions if RDF type doesn't exist in ontology
- Added GStreamer helix bin information to configure statement
- Added libtool library versioning so they are not all named .so.0.0.0.
- Added GError handling to database manager so we know why ontology files fail to load
- Added initial code to use GVolumeMonitor::monitor-pre-unmount, GIO patch is pending, was not implemented
- Added collations to Services table and other indices
- Added more states to tracker-applet to give more feedback, now we have watching, crawling, optimising and shutting down
- Added tracker-processes utility to list and kill tracker processes, this also has a --hard-reset option to remove all databases too
- Added a GetPid API to tracker-extract so we request the PID before doing anything
- Added kill() call to tracker-indexer when tracker-extract doesn't respond to the DBus request for metadata
- Added cache to trackerd for GetStats calls to be more responsive when indexing and if recently requested
- Removed call to set SCHED_IDLE, performance was way to bad to use it
- Removed Merge options from tracker-applet, not longer used
- Disabled static libraries by default
- Disabled evolution module since it is problematic and lots of Evolution issues were reported
- Enabled evolution push plugin (different to the Evolution module), non-intrusive, Evolution sends us the data
- Updated help strings for configure options of mail push modules
- Updated GetStats SQL stored procedure call to also include super classes like "Files"

- Fixed NB#106201, tracker-extract is crashing when extracting the details of a mp3 file (Mikael Ottela)
- Fixed NB#105133, Mafw-tracker-source does not emit container-changed signal (Martyn Russell)
- Fixed NB#90455,  Tracker doesn't index Geotags metadata Iptc4xmpCore:Location, photoshop:Country, photoshop:City of JPEG and PNG pictures (Mikael Ottela)
- Fixed NB#96314,  libexempi adds Creator in three different locations on ARM platform (Mikael Ottela)
- Fixed NB#99823,  Album art image gets corrupted if Artist and Album have characters other than alphabets (Mikael Ottela)
- Fixed NB#102800, Crash corruption code (Martyn Russell)
- Fixed LP#347352, Use g_strcmp0() to fix g_list_find_custom() crashing with NULLs (Martyn Russell)
- Fixed GB#106424, Crash when themes are deleted while running (Mikael Ottela)
- Fixed GB#575332, crashes when showing statistics (Martyn Russell)
- Fixed GB#570232, SetOption uses sqlite REPLACE which *doesn't* replace, it INSERTs (Carlos Garnacho)
- Fixed GB#573834, g_timeout_add_seconds should be preferred to g_timeout_add (Marcel Stimberg)
- Fixed GB#575271, Confusion and error with deskbar-applet module dir detection (Deji Akingunola)

- Updated da: Mads Lundby
- Updated es: Jorge González, Jorge Gonzalez
- Updated gl: Suso Baleato
- Updated sv: Daniel Nylander

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