gnome-dvb-daemon 0.1.5

       Module: gnome-dvb-daemon
      Version: 0.1.5
  Uploaded by: Sebastian Polsterl
  md5sum: ca6de3ea4aee738f574c0b1acdc39c1e
 sha1sum: ffee84624b8e19f2371eea54a1c7c1e491e0012f
    size: 608K
  md5sum: aae7f4bf5d6973e12845a287c4513df3
 sha1sum: 930322a9a8a3eb124f92ea61d81bb0f71560fa97
    size: 456K


Version 0.1.5

In this release the values in the channels.conf file are checked.
In addition, a bug has been fixed where device groups weren't restored
correctly and text and layout of the assistant were improved.

- Start EPG scanner after group has been created
- Added sanity checks when getting values, names and nicks from enums
- Adjusted to changes in AdapterType enum. Fixes error when parsing channels.conf
- Improved sanity checks for values in ChannelListWriter
- Abort parsing line when converting enum failed
- Made some of the DBus calls in clients async
- Retrieve adapter type and name in a single pipeline
- Improved the wording in the assistant to be HIG compliant
- Added refresh button which reloads the program guide


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