gnome-commander 1.2.8

       Module: gnome-commander
      Version: 1.2.8
  Uploaded by: Piotr Eljasiak
  md5sum: 8b45263c1af40ffff7a080bd6bd9c640
 sha1sum: c5b2aa95b73e539bdc5cae4a2bcc211aacd01379
    size: 4.3M
  md5sum: 5279bb3825efec3789932663e92fc8d2
 sha1sum: 587e9dc6055af3d6266dcf7517580d87fe80e83d
    size: 3.3M


gnome-commander 1.2.8

Bug fixes:
 * Fixed problem #375357 (crash when cancelling calculation of dir properties)
 * Fixed problem #536446 (file name not focused for in-place renaming)
 * Fixed problem #539812 (crash when deleting files: broken it.po)
 * Fixed problem #548947 (non-UTF8 locale date problem)
 * Fixed problem #548948 (crash when home directory contains non-UTF8 characters)
 * Fixed problem #548961 (support for input method when rename or quicksearch)
 * Fixed problem #554586 (AC_PROG_CXX macro problem)
 * Fixed problem #554598 (GNOME Goal: LINGUAS)
 * Fixed problem #556664 (bookmarks can not be saved for mounted devices)
 * Fixed problem #556836 (pane scrolling when moving between panes)
 * Fixed problem #567404 (crash when INSERT pressed over subdir)
 * Fixed problem #567506 (slow startup for systems with many users)
 * Fixed problem #570727 (usage of deprecated gnome_url_show)
 * Fixed problem #571239 (replacing obsoleted GnomeColorPicker with GtkColorButton)
 * Fixed problem #571247 (replacing obsoleted GnomePixmap with GtkImage)
 * Fixed problem #571558 (replacing deprecated GNOME_STOCK_* buttons with GTK_STOCK_* counterparts)
 * Fixed problem #576174 (case insensitive file name sorting in non en_US.utf8 locale)
 * Fixed problem #579633 (accessing administrator privileges with gksudo)
 * Fixed problem #583135 (disabled 'Go to' button in search dialog)
 * Fixed problem #583711 (crash when pressing ESC in bookmark dialog)
 * Fixed problem #584727 (wrong positioning of file popup menu)
 * Fixed problem with setting equal pane size in horizontal mode
 * Fixed problem with refreshing MIME information after file renaming

New features:
 * Support for PDF metatags in advanced file rename templates
 * Revamped advanced file rename tool (regex backreferences ('\number'), profiles,
   upper/lowercase conversion, blanks trimming and much more)
 * Support for metadata tags in internal viewer
 * Support for single-click open mode
 * Support for row alternate background in colour themes
 * New colour theme: cafezinho
 * New or updated docs: de, en, es
 * New or updated translations: ar, cs, de, es, eu, fr, it, ja, pl, pt_BR, sl, sv
 * New key bindings:
      CTRL+E         Open the history list for the command line
 * New internal viewer key bindings:
      T              Show metadata tags (replaces the old E)
      ALT+ENTER      Show metadata tags


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