gdl 2.27.3

       Module: gdl
      Version: 2.27.3
  Uploaded by: Johannes Schmid
  md5sum: 0f6aeeaeabb6b2617861d5297f35b0a2
 sha1sum: 0c5102b73c762c12f95f9c8cbb8b5f929a95a5b1
    size: 692K
  md5sum: 1a01f8c43f7ed7dbae75307f0b6cc843
 sha1sum: e38b1a6eec14d71247978a083217749dfc2689b1
    size: 536K


Changes in 2.27.3:

- Removed libglade dependency

Bugs fixed:
#584418 - gdl_dock_paned_dock does not show the requestor
#584303 â?? broken
#580860 â?? Remove deprecated libgnome dependency
#582511 â?? Use GtkBuilder instead of libglade
#583963 â?? does not build with gdl 2.27.2

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