libsoup 2.27.5

       Module: libsoup
      Version: 2.27.5
  Uploaded by: Dan Winship
 sha256sum: 617ab8ca38990ab2e9555c45e8e520621b31be994d0d2ca571b2a6f2243c9b54
      size: 928K
 sha256sum: ca8085fc996c89298f10b780b8d9abae39de689f454a5393fd1283801ff7f287
      size: 684K


Changes in libsoup from 2.27.4 to 2.27.5:

	* Fixed a crash when a web server redirected a request to a
          non-http URI (eg, "about:blank"). [#528882]

	* Fixed a hang when trying to create an attachment on certain
          bugzilla installations from epiphany. [#584645]

	* Fixed verification of V1 TLS certificates [#589323, Patrick

	* Fixed compile problems on Windows (in the ssl code), and on
          Linux (when the most recent version of gtk-doc was

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