seahorse 2.27.5

       Module: seahorse
      Version: 2.27.5
  Uploaded by: Stefan Walter
 sha256sum: 6a5b527e3b06671dc150cca7c3213043041010d6538d2593d56d3fc201a0e010
      size: 3.3M
 sha256sum: 5c41ea9e92e8b01d927365cc1092a19543683d249fc4bc99085148b70ef90988
      size: 2.2M


seahorse 2.27.5

    * Fix logic for setting owner trust combo.
    * More Code and API documentation.
    * Old result in search dialog is selected.
    * seahorse-daemon should autostart by default
    * Add a --version parameter to seahorse.
    * No longer daemonizes when autostarted by D-Bus.
    * Gray out displayed non-trusted keys.
    * Remove the 'trusted keys' tab and combine with 'other keys'.
    * Use GtkBuilder instead of libglade.
    * Add support for adding manual keyring secrets.
    * Move password tab to first place.
    * Remove unportable test(1) construct in configure script.

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