Module: anjuta
  Uploaded by: Johannes Schmid
 sha256sum: f1e48b93f69f42117b8b54d1b9e151aee3c4a92941cacfcee64f19197db3e82d
      size: 9.6M
 sha256sum: f13013f73d9cd2eadc24be4e0e4be4b1171e82909bb000ddf5e445e392ddce4f
      size: 7.0M


Anjuta 2.27.5 (27 July 2009) -- Johannes Schmid

- Even better git plugin (James Liggett)
- Work to get C++ autocompletion done (Massimo' Cora)

Bugs fixed:
git: Show the active branch in the status bar (bgo 589401)
symbol-db: #588387 make typeahead searching caseless
Migrate anjuta project wizards from libglade to GtkBuilder (GnomeBug:530740)
bgo #575147 â?? Headers of new C++/GObject classes have wrong copyright and license notices.
bgo #577741 â?? "single step over function" does not always work as expected
bgo #587957 â?? doap file missing bug-database
bgo #583731 â?? Some untranslated strings
git: Refresh the log view when switching branches (bgo 580276)
bgo#578438 â?? broken svn libraries detection in configure
git: Fix a typo in a menu tooltip (bgo 587191)
gbf-am: build fix #586926
#586926 â?? gdbmi_test build fails
bgo#513156 â?? Get rid of libgnome(ui)
git: Add descriptions to the menu items (bgo 577924)
#586621 â?? Crash while loading project file
go#586148 â?? Case had to be the other way around
bgo#586148 â?? Fixing setting whitespace for the editor not working
bgo#577924 â?? Fixing AnjutaStatusbar for displaying menu tags
#577232 â?? run-program plugin: projects's working directory should be set to project root on start
#586030 â?? Value of a new environment variable is not saved in run parameter dialog
#584180 â?? Duplicate copy of GBF/ installed to same location
#582961 â?? Replace SexyIconEntry by GtkEntry icon functionality (available in GTK+ 2.16)
subversion: Show conflicted files in the commit dialog (bgo 578411)
symbol-db: #585498 â?? Completion stop working and strange warning

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