glibmm 2.21.3

       Module: glibmm
      Version: 2.21.3
  Uploaded by: Jonathon Jongsma
 sha256sum: 17545f76eae5feba58d47030c2cfe91df51460e7bd2f6fc3f74bacbac8a548b2
      size: 18M
 sha256sum: 786a21a2da6af6dd3fc99e2d7c62416f00df5e9b7eb5fe0c625486985982422c
      size: 15M


2.21.3 (unstable):

    David King (1):
          Only compile the properties example if properties are enabled.

    Jonathon Jongsma (10):
          fix release target to use correct tagging scheme
          Bug 587173 - Fails to install when bootstrapped with Automake 1.11
          add _IGNORE() for a eject_with_operation() which is hand-written
          add get_start_stop_type() and Gio::DriveStartStopType enum
          add overloads for resolver methods without a cancellable object
          add async versions of Resolver methods
          Added a simple example showing how to resolve an internet address from a hostname
          Fix MemoryInputStream::addData (Bug #589683)
          Fix a build error in MemoryInputStream
          Add Glib::ObjectBase::freeze_notify()/thaw_notify.  Fixes Bug #575533

    José Alburquerque (1):
          Repair Glib::KeyFile docs with regard to exceptions. Bug# 587766.

    Krzesimir Nowak (1):
          Wrapped several ISO 8601 related functions.

    Murray Cumming (1):
          Corrected the ChangeLog to mention changes that I accidentally committed in last month, but which I did want to commit some time.

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