gtk+ 2.17.6

       Module: gtk+
      Version: 2.17.6
  Uploaded by: Matthias Clasen
 sha256sum: b114e8dc7b6da9d024a3f6e8f58adb5ae784dda3c34e31a9c5cdcc8609566afd
      size: 27M
 sha256sum: def12314e862e2204c73c3ebd8db2ff709de8cc47c071d2eeeab3ad4e8787bc8
      size: 18M


Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.17.5 to 2.17.6

* Client-side windows:
 - Several optimizations, such as client-side tracking of
   viewable windows
 - Clipping for drawing pixbufs on windows has been fixed
 - Rendering to large subwindows has been fixed

* Changes that are relevant for translators:
 - Markup has been removed from several strings

* Bugs fixed:
 588398 Leak with testgtk::preview_(color|gray) and more
 588943 set correct selection before emitting cursor-changed...
 588076 Gnumeric fonts stopped working on upgrading gtk+ 2.17.2 -...
 574674	GtkMenuItem gets Selected and Focused states when SelectC...
 582674 Menu item and menu accessibles retain "showing" state aft...
 588553 [csw] gdk_draw_pixbuf doesnt draw outside expose events s...
 588897 Strange include x11/gdkx.h
 588958 Typo in startup-id window property
 589035 Context needed for a propoer translation
 589275 [csw] Trying to destroy NULL regions
 588964 Remove markup from translatable string in gtkfilechooserd...
 587337 Suggest to use Glade instead gtk-builder-convert script

* Updated translations:

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