gnome-bluetooth 2.27.8

       Module: gnome-bluetooth
      Version: 2.27.8
  Uploaded by: Bastien Nocera
 sha256sum: 862afa384397b380d043c8726e0a4e665f5b9c51ab2e9b128cc73b188214cee9
      size: 1.1M
 sha256sum: 9a1369826cc1741976494e08b9624f0cf02447140d097b1846af6bd086c2ed64
      size: 816K


ver 2.27.8:
	- A number of UI strings changes

	- Make "Connect" in the menu for devices
	  appear correctly after pairing
	- Filter for paired ObexFTP devices in
	  the browse menu item

	- Add link to help

	- Fix crash when selecting a device where
	  the name hasn't been resolved yet

	- Add introspection support
	- Export device and adapter models for
	  easy enumeration
	- Fix broken filtering for device category
	- Fix possible crasher in spinner widget
	- Ellipsise names in the chooser widget
	- A number of API documentation fixes

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