gtk+ 2.17.5

       Module: gtk+
      Version: 2.17.5
  Uploaded by: Matthias Clasen
 sha256sum: 94f1ff6846cf2664e1de2f2fcd4518279d027e5b6414622eb6d859a4c25e058f
      size: 27M
 sha256sum: 8d6066d5b3fee6edc9be77c0728cf2ceda2a04eed111da3a63f9e4b07cdedd0e
      size: 18M


Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.17.4 to 2.17.5

* Client-side windows:
 - Quite a few fixes have happened for the win32 and directfb backends

 - Accessors have been added for sealed members in GtkCellRenderer and

* Changes that are relevant for distributors:
 - The jpeg2000 pixbuf loader is now optional. Pass --with-libjasper
   to configure to build it

* Bugs fixed
 588373 Menus broken by client-side-windows
 588379 testgtk::panes does not change the cursor on mouse over
 588388 shape rendering is back
 588461 gtk_editable_get_chars() behaviour change in 2.17.4
 588666 Incorrect clamping of max_length
 588665 insert-text signal is not emitted
 588395 Crash when opening a GtkBuilder file
 524066 Mandatory jpeg2000?
 527583 GtkAssistant should set buttons as default widget
 588694 Missing % in C code
 588484 Iconview DnD fails when Destination is empty
 583522 Trivial error in GtkBuilder migration documentation
 150951 collapsed save dialog needs to indicate filesystem...

* Updated translations:
 Brazilian Portuguese
 Norwegian bokmål
 Traditional Chinese

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