gnome-python-desktop 2.27.2

       Module: gnome-python-desktop
      Version: 2.27.2
  Uploaded by: Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro
 sha256sum: 9a869a35e6dabee5f7ce077cadae47f6ead310f02aa89a3b1676ccfcf0ac1665
      size: 764K
 sha256sum: 0d6a3ff4b5e41c169f6794e64f1490830244b1f1e4f552824dd3b75e09a1a6af
      size: 592K


Overview of Changes from 2.27.1 to 2.27.2
* Add licensing information for the evince module;
* Fix evince module compilation bug;
* Add bindings for libbrasero-burn.

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