brasero 2.27.4

       Module: brasero
      Version: 2.27.4
  Uploaded by: Luis Medinas
 sha256sum: 0e60cb93f65c7c44353ea1a8b829f9d979a536975ccd51194cec6db105dc195f
      size: 5.0M
 sha256sum: e2057254b0933d9f55689396b60a175195ba9f01260a924d44803c9af80261b9
      size: 3.4M


Brasero 2.27.4

- Hal support removed, now relies on GIO only for drives/media probing
- New layout for size reporting in data/audio/video project
- Lot's of bug fixes
- Fixed some memleaks
- Bump libbrasero-media version to reflect changes (important to packagers)

Bugs Fixed:
- Fix #582261 â?? brasero shows 0% done, while continues burning disc
- Fix 582513 â?? Bogus VIDEO_TS directory error if AUDIO_TS directory present
- Fix #573805 â?? "Increase compatibility with Windows systems"?
- Fix #585190 â?? remove 0 from 03 % status
- Fix #586744 â?? Use AS_HELP_STRING for configure switches
- Fix #584793 â?? Poor language in warning dialog when attempting to burn an
audio CD onto a CDRW
- Fix #580617 â?? Brasero floods .xsession-errors log with "Unknown (or already
deleted) monitored directory" warnings
- Fix #563501 â?? Brasero burning window shouldn't try to show drive speed while
is converting audio files
- Fix #485719 â?? Burn dialog CD icon
- Fix #585481 â?? Deep hierarchy warning
- Fix #554070 â?? The need of a "replace all" and "replace non" button
- Fix #582461 â?? Brasero hangs at normalizing tracks
- Fix #587284 â?? nautilus hangs every time
- Fix #574093 â?? Caret visible in instructions for project creation
- Fix #581742 â?? port from HAL to DeviceKit-disks
- Fix #573801 â?? Bad error message when burning empty burn:///
- Fix #573486 â?? Various i18n and string issues for good
- Fix #587399 â?? License clarification
- Fix #587554 â?? Unclear meaning of text
- Fix #582979 â?? brasero should not include Categories in mime handler .desktop
- Fix #586040 â?? duplicated command listed in open-with dialog
- Fixes for #573486 â?? Various i18n and string issues
- Translation updates


Please report bugs to:

Mailing List for User and Developer discussion: brasero-list gnome org

GIT Repository:

Thanks to all the people who contributed to this release through patches, translation, advices, artwork, bug reports.

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