gnome-games 2.27.4

       Module: gnome-games
      Version: 2.27.4
  Uploaded by: Thomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen
 sha256sum: 48233ba02268b710f2860381f945dad57ab1a1bfe560d31bd147d2366b2b8b8a
      size: 28M
 sha256sum: dea06a323af00dd339f68523fcc8b12bf526201e6d5cb9c69dc111d9e0e7362b
      size: 24M


gnome-games 2.27.4

Mostly just bugfixes. New features include binreloc support, and better 
maemo/win32 support. 

Clutter dep bumped to 0.9.6 and clutter-gtk to 0.9.2

Christian Persch (85):
      libgames-support: [build] Only use eggdesktopfile on x11
      libgames-support: [win32] Attach to console when run from console
      Fix games_sound_play_for_widget() for canberra
      Fix a few compiler warnings
      Fix a few compiler warnings
      libgames-support: Add more help methods
      aisleriot: Comment out debug spew
      build: move win32 platform check up
      libgames-support: add binreloc support
      libgames-support: [build] Don't distribute generated files
      libgames-support: Set help error dialogue title to empty
      libgames-support: Better error message when showing help fails
      libgames-support: [smclient] Update copy from libegg master
      libgames-support: [hildon] Add osso initialisation to games runtime
      aisleriot: Move osso initialisation to libgames-support
      libgames-support: Add games_show_uri()
      libgames-support: Fix a HAVE_HILDON/HAVE_MAEMO mismatch
      libgames-support: Use g_uri_escape_string to construct the help URI
      aisleriot: Use games_help_display()
      libgames-support: Add about dialogue hooks
      aisleriot: Remove unused includes and defines
      libgames-support: Add games_show_error()
      libgames-support: Add games_help_display_full variant
      aisleriot: Better error messages when showing help fails
      aisleriot: Fix help error message in freecell mode
      build: Only check --with-sound when sound is enabled
      build: Fix gtk version req to the minimal values
      libgames-support: Build with glib < 2.12
      libgames-support: Include games-show.h
      libgames-support: Build fix for glib < 2.16
      libgames-support: Build fix for gtk 2.8
      libgames-support: Build fix for !HAVE_RSVG
      libgames-support: [build] Only build those parts of libg-s that are used
      libgames-support: [smclient] Some build fixes for old glib
      aisleriot: glib 2.8 build fix
      aisleriot: glib < 2.16 build fix
      aisleriot: Only get the gtk-touchscreen-mode setting on gtk >= 2.10
      icons: Add prerendered icons for the "cards-deal" name
      aisleriot: Add new games to the TODO list
      build: Make --disable-sound work
      libgames-support: [build] Fix build on hildon
      build: [icons] Fix private icon theme icons on hildon
      build: Only add help to SUBDIRS when building help is enabled
      libgames-support: Split card theme off into its own convenience lib
      libgames-support: blackjack: move GamesCardSelector to blackjack
      libgames-support: gnobots2: Move games-find-file.[ch] to gnobots2
      libgames-support: Remove unused include
      libgames-support: Only build games-files when building the full library
      build: Fix glib-genmarshal --internal check
      aisleriot: Fix a unused code warning on !ENABLE_SOUND
      libgames-support: Only build the card theme writer when building aisleriot
      libgames-support: Fix rsvg version check
      libgames-support: Fix #ifdef to use HAVE_MAEMO_3
      libgames-support: Use games_show_error here
      aisleriot: terrace: Add translator comments
      aisleriot: Add translator comments for the game names
      aisleriot: Add define to disable keynav code
      ld: Add an AM conditional for each game to build
      build: Only install the icons for games that are built
      build: Only install the teleport icons when building gnobots2
      build: Default --enable-setgid to off on win32
      libgames-support: Only build games-setgid-io when --enable-setgid
      all: Only call setgid_io_init() when --enable-setgid
      libgames-support: Fix build with --enable-setgid
      libgames-support: Fix render-cards
      build: Only install the .schemas file when using GConf
      libgames-support: Don't install the default .svg when SVG is disabled
      libgames-support: Only install the .ini when theme installer is enabled
      libgames-support: Don't install slot.svg when RSVG is disabled
      aisleriot: Allow passing -DCARD_SLOT_PROP in CPPFLAGS
      libgames-support: Print the selected card size
      libgames-support: Only install cards data when building libgamescards
      build: Declare GUILE and GUILE_CONFIG as precious
      libgames-support: Add a way to specify the relocation root by env var
      libgames-support: Add a way to inhibit the GamesClock timeout
      gnometris: Use g_mkdir_with_parents()
      gnotravex: Adapt to GamesClock API changes
      libgames-support: Add games_clock_is_started()
      gnomine: Adapt to GamesClock API changes
      tests: Remove test that doesn't make sense
      mahjongg: Adapt to GamesClock API changes
      aisleriot: Adapt to GamesClock API changes
      aisleriot: Hide toolbar at startup if requested
      libgames-support: Fix the build on hildon
      aisleriot: Add style property for the card/slot ratio

Claude Paroz (1):
      Updated French translation

Daniel Mustieles (2):
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation

Gilles Dartiguelongue (1):
      Use install-exec-hook to setgid games properly

Ivar Smolin (1):
      Updating Estonian translation

Jason D. Clinton (1):
      Post-release bump to 2.27.4

Jorge Gonzalez (3):
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation

Maxim V. Dziumanenko (1):
      Updated Ukrainian translation

Paul Cutler (1):
      Fix bug 582047 - updated mahjongg docs

Petr Kovar (6):
      Added Czech help translation for glines & gnometris by Marek Cernocky
      Added Czech help translation for gnomine by Marek Cernocky
      Added & fixed Czech help translation for various games by Marek Cernocky
      Added Czech help translation for blackjack, glchess, gnobots2, and gtali
      Updated Czech help translation for various GNOME games
      Updated Czech help translation for various games by Marek Cernocky

Robert Ancell (10):
      UI strings non translated after GTKBuilder migration (Claude Paroz, Bug #586176)
      Fix toolbar style to be user configurable (Claude Paroz, Bug #584615)
      Use msgctext() (Claude Paroz)
      Move pixmap install dir for gnome-sudoku and glchess from 
        /usr/share/pixmaps/name to /usr/share/gnome-games/name/pixmaps to be 
        consistent with the other games
      Change texture directory from 'pixmaps' to 'textures'
      Added gconf schema
      Use boolean type for gconf keys
      Consolodate bg_black and bg_custom_color keys
      Add gconf descriptions
      File missed from commit 484d28995afff4f46ec7d8aecb2333ea27f94ae0

Thomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen (4):
      gnome-sudoku: Clean up data/ to pass distcheck
      Add some files to po/
      tests: Remove last bits of the test_games_clock_set test
      Bump clutter dependencies

Tobias Mueller (1):
      Include necessary headers in c99 macro

Vincent Povirk (1):
      aisleriot: fix hinting in a rare situation in Spider

drtvasudevan (2):
      Updated Tamil translation
      Updated Tamil translation

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