gvfs 1.3.2

       Module: gvfs
      Version: 1.3.2
  Uploaded by: Sebastien Bacher

 sha256sum: 3f39160aa4cf1920408586aba526ab6a3d075280db06c3c366a783ff737c9137
      size: 1.7M

 sha256sum: f4bddab378a3a197418e5e2229e7ff967c03adf049e33c5516745db35538b6de
      size: 1.1M


Major changes in 1.3.2

* metadata-store: initial implementation
* gvfs-ls: add a -n option to gvfs-ls for nofollow-symlinks
* gvfsd-computer: better handling of PC floppy drives
* ftp: EPTR support
* cdda: Support gudev (and prefer it instead of hal)
* Add support user interaction when unmounting mounts (gdu, gphoto2)
* Add support starting/stopping drives (gdu monitor)
* Fix 'make distcheck'
* Bugs fixed: 582175, 516704, 586280, 585853, 582772, 585591, 587484

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