deskbar-applet 2.27.4

       Module: deskbar-applet
      Version: 2.27.4
  Uploaded by: Sebastian Polsterl
 sha256sum: 1c372b102bdb0816ee9a296547f6896f8c1c5540900ca5e0e8c6a456453940e2
      size: 1.7M
 sha256sum: 3b0ed306bd90d95321e162d3cac2bf08e184aa6e62e5a000f9fbabd1384bb6f6
      size: 996K


deskbar-applet 2.27.4
In this release the dependency on deprecated libgnomeui has been removed.

- Fixed bug in files handler that uppercase querys never showed up
- Use gio instead gnome.ui to retrieve thumbnails
- Use SessionManager DBus service to logout/restart/shutdown instead of gnome.ui
- Fixed bug #573639: Remove deprecated libgnomeui dependency
- Always execute default action of first item when pressing Enter in entry
- Use Utils.url_show_file instead of gnome-open

- Updated cs: Lucas Lommer
- Updated et: Ivar Smolin
- Updated he: Yaron Shahrabani
- Updated uk: wanderlust


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