evolution 2.27.4

       Module: evolution
      Version: 2.27.4
  Uploaded by: Chenthill Palanisamy

  md5sum: 90e7abafa2c49604a46b8ecdf41f4436
 sha1sum: c331a75df97b79103cf11e30e0a75d5ca324ff4f
    size: 43M

  md5sum: 4fc469d16b3fe8eefbb313f83f7a3f74
 sha1sum: 3daf5cfda263851247a9a65dda1a38775629dab4
    size: 37M


Evolution 2.27.4 2009-07-13

Bug Fixes:

	#561300 - Edit contact's Notes on its own tab. (Milan Crha)

	#586251 - Let the SSL checkbox for Google calendar work (Milan Crha)
	#513451 - Select Today for calendar views on the first showing (Milan Crha)
	#238058 - Show more from summary for events with icons (Milan Crha)
	#245723 - Show days with transparent events in italic (Milan Crha)
	#252296 - Do not preset alarm for all day events (Milan Crha)
	#525689 - Do not show all days as Sunday in a comp-editor (Milan Crha)
	#236996 - Calendar display for weekends in month view (Milan Crha)
	#251694 - Highlight current day in a calendar (Milan Crha)
	#425582 - Calendar Alarm Display is not noticable enough (Milan Crha)
	#245723 - Show days with transparent events in italic (Milan Crha)
	#240605 - auto-select next day at midnight in selected day view (Milan Crha)

	#345775 â?? Missing blank line between messages in saved mbox (Matthew Barnes)
	#464131 â?? Allow inline view of application/mbox attachments (Matthew Barnes)
	#568302 - Skip "noselect=yes" folders on Send/Receive (Milan Crha)
	#268644 - unread mail shortcut collides with gtk tree search (Milan Crha)
	#587699 - Localize only local folder names (Milan Crha)

	#586332 - Build error (long gint) (Matthew Barnes)
	#346146 - Appointments in Sent folder should not display actions (Milan Crha)
	#566369 - backup-restore - recognize broken archive (Milan Crha)
	#566369 - fix string typo "cancelled" => "canceled" (Milan Crha)
	#588106 â?? Makefile.am misuses *_LDFLAGS (Daniel Macks)

	#586378 - Various build cleanups (H.Habighorst)	
	#586478 â?? Fix quoting in configure.ac (H.Habighorst)
	#586631 â?? Rearrange autotool initialization in configure.ac (H.Habighorst)
	#586632 â?? Require automake 1.9 (H.Habighorst)
	#586629 â?? Fix whitespace in configure.ac (H.Habighorst)
	#586806 â?? Fix iconv cflags/libs in configure.ac (H.Habighorst)
	#586809 â?? Enable "silent rules" automake 1.11 option (Matthew Barnes)
	#587138 - Require libxml2 2.7.3 (Yavor Doganov)
	#587374 - iconv test broken on some gcc (Matthew Barnes)
	#586991 â?? Require autoconf 2.58 / various configure cleanups (H.Habighorst)

Other Fixes:

	Re-arrange attachment bar files for Anjal's and webkit rendering. (Srinivasa Ragavan)
	Fix properly include paths, since this is one of our public headers (Fridrich Strba)
	Do not treat edit accounts as new accounts in a case (Srinivasa Ragavan)
	Check network manager state on startup and set start_offline appropriately (Chenthill Palanisamy)

	Use G_BEGIN_DECLS / G_END_DECLS macros. (Matthew Barnes)
	Stop abusing forward declarations. (Matthew Barnes)
	Remove a weak pointer when disposing EAttachmentHandler. (Matthew Barnes)
	Fix "make check" errors. (Matthew Barnes)
	Remove INSTALL from source control. (Matthew Barnes)
	Fixes for anjal (Srinivasa Ragavan)
	Read entire UI definition in "eplug" files. (Matthew Barnes)
	Add localized screenshots (Andre Klapper)
	Hide proper widgets from filter.glade for searches (Milan Crha)
	Use AM_CPPFLAGS instead of INCLUDE in all Makefile.am. (Matthew Barnes)
	Fix whitespace issues in em-account-editor.c. (Matthew Barnes)
	Kill EConfigListener. (Matthew Barnes)

	Manoj Kumar (or)
	Mark Krapivner (he)
	Ivar Smolin (et)
	Jorge Gonzalez (es)
	drtvasudevan (ta)
	Runa Bhattacharjee (bn)
	Andre Klapper (de)
	Christian Kirbach (de)
	Daniel Nylander (sv)
	Maxim V. Dziumanenko (uk)

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