gtk+ 2.17.3

       Module: gtk+
      Version: 2.17.3
  Uploaded by: Matthias Clasen
  md5sum: 0adfb7ada77eec0055319620ab63309a
 sha1sum: 4e4b430f08771f517071905cc4876f8b28015bfc
    size: 27M
  md5sum: ce2a5051122717a4b6bdda1d2df4ce27
 sha1sum: 1814f2defa8ea41c88a11a2b9315a54c7c251383
    size: 18M


Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.17.2 to 2.17.3

* GtkFileChooser:
 - Shows the size column by default now

* GtkStatusIcon:
 - Has a title property, which can be used by ATs when they
   read status icons

* GtkInfoBar:
 - The default theme now includes color definitions for infobars
 - The ::use-tooltip-style style property has been removed

* GtkMountOperation now supports interaction during unmount operations.

* The client-side windows branch has been merged; GDK now maintains
  its own window hierarchy client-side, and only uses X windows where
  unavoidable. Some of the benefits of this change are
  - Reduced flicker
  - The ability to do transformed and animated rendering of widgets
  - Easier embedding of GTK+ widgets e.g. into Clutter scene graphs
  This is a fundamental change to the way GDK works, so watch out for

* Bugs fixed:
 586315 Crash in GTK+ 2.14 when calling gtk.FileChooser.list_shor...
 461944 pressing the volume icon in full screen shuts down the sound
 490724 iconview item's height would be changed event with same m...
 564063 regression: Left margin in popup menus
 582025 Accelerators fail for submenus
 585626 Setting widget tooltip hammers X11 server on any TCP/IP X...
 585802 Add API to make GtkStatusIcon accessible with a name
 585858 right-click Add-to-Booksmarks is sometimes greyed out
 586330 GtkButton ignores user_underline when an image is set
 318807 Offscreen windows and window redirection
 587716 GtkInfoBar broken on resize
 587485 GMountOperation::show-processes support

* Updated translations
 Brazilian Portuguese

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