java-atk-wrapper 0.27.3

       Module: java-atk-wrapper
      Version: 0.27.3
  Uploaded by: Ke Wang
  md5sum: d22c7a13a1738bc400a2c2ee5a7c6f34
 sha1sum: 34f5bf45de8a97ea7a3059e4a1e8c43f1021448b
    size: 372K
  md5sum: 24ce44d78200b87e493f49294d5e24bf
 sha1sum: 47557c02b20730392726ee254103f2352dff4299
    size: 268K


Java ATK Wrapper version 0.27.3
Important changes:
	* Fixed several problems in build system.
	* Resolved conflict with GTK look and feel.
	* Added code to check whether accessibility technology is switched on
	* Added code to get more accurate application name
	* Added code to determine whether to load 32 or 64-bit version of atk-bridge
	* Added functionality to auto-detect JAVA_HOME
	* Removed dependency on gtk+-2.0

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