gitg 0.0.4

       Module: gitg
      Version: 0.0.4
  Uploaded by: Jesse van den Kieboom
  md5sum: 253a4508c16a8e34b2702d9c52dac000
 sha1sum: 9fc8266a63d2060a0dca5dfab3885dabb9e7f6e5
    size: 536K
  md5sum: d6c9f030f54ca280605976284dd8b087
 sha1sum: 9d5c138ffd324bd166f55d458089c3da5d8f5982
    size: 436K


= gitg 0.0.4 =
Version 0.0.4 was released on 2009-07-05

== Features ==
  * Manage remotes
  * Manage user name and e-mail global and repository specific
  * Checkout local branches
  * Create new local branch from remote branch
  * Rebase/merge remote and local branches by drag-and-drop
  * Apply/remove stash items (applying can be done by drag-and-drop)
  * Push local branch to remote branch using drag-and-drop
  * Create/remove tags

== Bug fixes ==
  * Crasher bug in revision tree view selection change

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