gnote 0.5.2

       Module: gnote
      Version: 0.5.2
  Uploaded by: Hubert Figuière
  md5sum: 0ad0a97927a8aa6f22a6bf99311f7c01
 sha1sum: daac04aeb74baa7cc93ce10977ed90adfeda8a90
    size: 1.6M
  md5sum: 19a56ecc51d21011b65b502dea305622
 sha1sum: 5287d8c646fc3d819d2096ca39e8ffa497f07b3a
    size: 1.2M


0.5.2 "Canada day" - 2009/07/01


  * Avoid a crash in a race condition when deleting a note.
  (Closes #587395)
  * Fix a leak with libxml2 usage once in the lifetime.
  * Free the import addins at the end.
  * Can now delete several notes in the list at once. (Closes #587350)
  * List were broken when not in ASCII. (Closes #587070 and dupes)
  * Prevent a crash in the destruction chain NoteWindow (Closes #586084)
  * Remove the synchronisation menu item until Sync is implemented 
    (Closes #585610)


  * Updated translations:
    - Arabic (ar)

0.5.1 - 2009/06/24

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