rygel 0.2.2

       Module: rygel
      Version: 0.2.2
  Uploaded by: Zeeshan Ali Khattak

  md5sum: 39b95ab424129214e38ae9f9c00283f3
 sha1sum: b40e9f74c4d008c7a9fa7000fcb09ba657a58f39
    size: 480K

  md5sum: 7ea4de9bc6096b851f4ca7ca23065adf
 sha1sum: fb3571661978c61b65e2d3052622af964e15d41b
    size: 332K



Changes since 0.2:

- Use the new (0.6.9) Tracker API.
- Priority of gio-based streams are based on requested DLNA transfer mode.
- GIO-based/like asynchronous plugin API.
- Adapt to latest changes in gupnp-vala API.
- Serialization of media objects isn't done by media objects themselve
  anymore, but by a new separate class, Rygel.DIDLLiteWriter.
- Internal API is marked 'internal' so it doesn't get to our (Vala) API.
- MediaObject now derives from GLib.Object.
- Generic AsyncResult implementation, SimpleAsyncResult.
- StateMachine interface that all state machines classes implement.
- Visible performance improvements in Tracker plugin by proper use of Tracker
- Use Filename.to_string() and therefore make Bastien happy.
- Require lastest version (0.1.5) of libgee to use List.slice().
- Don't limit the number of objects returned to a client, let it decide
  that on it's own.
- Proper handling of update notification to the client by use of a very simple
  bubble-up mechanism for containers to signal updates.
- Decrease needed gconf version to 2.16.
- Set application name and therefore make Lennart happy.
- Require latest version of vala (0.5.7) and gupnp-vala (0.5.3).
- Allow multiple URIs for each media items.
- Response for seekable media request is now sent buffer by buffer so the whole
  file is not put into memory.
- Some improvements to build system.
- Lots of other improvements and bugfixes.

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