gstreamermm 0.10.6

       Module: gstreamermm
      Version: 0.10.6
  Uploaded by: José Alburquerque
 sha256sum: aedbd8f4e42c736f79f9b96903d6012456d3122fa1b401264e80e679ec900fd6
      size: 6.5M
 sha256sum: f14169226973e47ed51f7f555f9fff5877413c3f0af5495735ac03ce4f51fc09
      size: 5.1M


0.10.6 (unstable)

* Optimizations and library robustness
  (Daniel Elstner)
Plugin Generator:
* Added convenience methods for plug-in action signals.  This allows signals
  that are used in the C API by calling them with g_signal_emit() to be used
  conveniently in C++.
  (José Alburquerque)
* CddaBaseSrc:
  - Wrapped add_track() method.
  - Wrapped virtual functions.
* Refined MiniObject so that it is registered in the GType system.
* MixerTrack:
  - Added convenience method has_flags().
* RingBuffer:
  - Wrapped virtual functions.
  - Re-wrote its helper class RingBufferSpec.
* Added StreamVolume interface.
* TaskPool:
  - Wrapped virtual functions.
* VideoSink:
  - Wrapped center_rect() method.
  - Wrapped property_show_preroll_frame().
* Some documentation improvements.
(José Alburquerque)
* Gst::Message[Waring|Error|Info]::parse_debug() segfaults. Bug #602949.
* Use g_new() instead of new[] if memory will be freed with g_free(). Bug
  #602928. (Carlo Wood)

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