totem-pl-parser 2.28.2

       Module: totem-pl-parser
      Version: 2.28.2
  Uploaded by: Bastien Nocera
 sha256sum: f2e64fcdea6d779912a43aa4ce94e906fbc88dd9e630f524fdd7cbc4c037bee4
      size: 972K
 sha256sum: 2414a0c912ef01773140bd83b3fd4db2c15212a2207d66015f35f8c337463256
      size: 700K


* Add support for subtitle properties in SMIL files
* Make totem-pl-parser's XML parsing thread-safe
* Fix detection of DVD ISOs from remote shares
* Fix getting DVD title from remote shares
* Fix some RSS feeds being detected as HTML
* Fix parsing of multi-line RTSPtext files
* Fix parsing of some RSS feeds with valid XML, but
  broken CDATA usage

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