orca 2.27.91

       Module: orca
      Version: 2.27.91
  Uploaded by: William Walker

 sha256sum: b629947283360d14993a0bcd9b596f74e7f9c4565f0d213d5884bb3043750aef
      size: 3.6M

 sha256sum: 0a517cde8bf6d032d41719f8fc8262a4727f91200a73cd7a1cf043496c73ca95
      size: 2.1M


2.27.91 - 24-Aug-2009


* Fix for bgo#591282 - add a switch to activate debug when executing

* Fix for bgo#591289 - Need to remove duplicate speechTabLabel from

* Fix for bgo#591382 - Need to add "word_char" to
  text_attribute_names.py for localization

* Fix for bgo#591729 - Using cursor routing keys when the caret
  is panned off the display can cause cursor to jump

* Fix for bgo#591734 - "No break space" character not spoken

* Fix for bgo#591805 - Orca speaks the "restrict progress bar update
  to" label when the app preferences dialog loads

* Fix for bgo#591907 - "All" hard to translate

* Fix for bgo#592517 - Cursor position based upon uncontracted text
  when typing text and contracted braille is enabled

* Fix for bgo#592741 - Fix .desktop file to meet GNOME goal


* Fix for bgo#356060 - Provide access to tree item level and state in
  OOo Navigator

* Fix for bgo#590682 - Orca does not always speak the Paths table of
  the OOo Options dialog correctly

* Fix for bgo#592138 - Orca speaks the next character rather than the
  next word when a paragraph boundary is crossed in Writer


* Fix for bgo#592708 - Orca should attempt to recognize Evo's Setup
  Assistant and present the (non-focused) prompts


* Fix for bgo#577899 - Strange cursor movements in Firefox

* Fix for bgo#584103 - Cursor problems when I compose a new message
  with Thunderbird 3.0B3 pre

* Fix for bgo#591336 - Need a sanity check in Gecko's

* Fix for bgo#591351 - SayAll document function doesn't work correctly
  on some webpages

* Fix for bgo#591592 - Orca does not speak and braille the appropriate
  information when moving by headings on all sites

* Fix for bgo#591807 - Orca sometimes presents the previous line when
  Home/End is pressed in Gecko

* Fix for bgo#591860 - Orca grinds to a halt when Ctrl+End is pressed
  in a really long message in Thunderbird

* Fix for bgo#592383 - Orca gets stuck when it encounters a paragraph
  in Firefox which begins with a multi-line-high character

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

    bg       Bulgarian            Alexander Shopov
    de       German               Christian Kirbach and Simon Bienlein
    es       Spanish              Francisco Javier Dorado Martinez
    fr       French               Claude Paroz
    ga       Irish                Seán de Búrca
    gl       Galician             Antón Méixome
    gu       Gujarati             Ankit Patel and Sweta Kothari
    he       Hebrew               Mark Krapivner
    hu       Hungarian            Attila Hammer and Gabor Kelemen
    pt       Portuguese           Rui Batista
    pt_BR    Brazilian Portuguese Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle
    sv	     Swedish              Daniel Nylander


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