nemiver 0.7.1

       Module: nemiver
      Version: 0.7.1
  Uploaded by: Dodji Seketeli
 sha256sum: c7052e0b4d2e256cc160cd000023bd735d483a8a77ad417be7f21764b239556a
      size: 1.7M
 sha256sum: 1fa7dee172d88aa8aedb8bccdfc81e7de357634e64b7228b522e97803ae06988
      size: 1.4M


0.7.1 Release

Dodji Seketeli
      Support multiple address breakpoints (Closes: #587697)
      Support original-location in breakpoints (Closes: #588256)
      Support restarting when GDB dies (Closes: #588313)
      Don't fall appart when gconfd is down
      Keep default conf values when gconf is down
      Fix variable popup tip size issues
      Var popup tip shouldn't be too small by default
      Support "text besides icons" visual setting

Mario Blättermann
      Updated German translation
      Added German doc translation

Takeshi AIHANA
      Updated Japanese translation.

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