libgsf 1.14.12

       Module: libgsf
      Version: 1.14.12
  Uploaded by: Morten Welinder
  md5sum: 9585bc844e6e0dc629c9f44055ea7cfe
 sha1sum: c4c84aa62e21e3357772958794039729f1e901fd
    size: 768K
  md5sum: dc7534e8f80775ab157779cc3b3c84f1
 sha1sum: 3947be492e4b234ea7c97b5bde7b90c64548bfc5
    size: 588K


libgsf 1.14.12

	* Also read user defined OpenDocument metadata

Christian Persch:
	* Fix allocation method problem.  [#579155]

J.H.M. Dassen (Ray):
	* Fix incorrect use of g_enum_register_static which broke
	  documentation generation in some environments.

Jody :
	* Handle small-block files that are not block aligned. [#572290]
	* Deprecate gsf_timestamp_parse and replace it with
	* Gtk-Doc fixes.
	* Fix handling of namespace declared default and prefix.
	  (Such as in SpreadsheetML-2003)

	* Handle malformed xml better.  [#568994]
	* Drop characters that xml 1.0 cannot represent.  [#568919]
	* Fix problem loading zero-sized files.  [#580228]


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