glade3 3.6.3

       Module: glade3
      Version: 3.6.3
  Uploaded by: Tristan Van Berkom
  md5sum: 077d26c5f0fd0721ecc5f7b11aab68ec
 sha1sum: 33d4aabd8d89a0d3c2418df15a2f1cc61fc85714
    size: 3.2M
  md5sum: a552d248626d2023ddf0f1d831cfd945
 sha1sum: 2e93e0cad963a7921b35b98f7393f1b2b5812e08
    size: 2.2M


Glade 3.6.3
	- Maintain current widget selection during commits of related-action
	  (was causing crashes when the selection changed as a result of a commit, bug 578869)
	- GtkButton only accepts real stock *items* and not icons (to use an icon, use a GtkImage
	  with an unrestricted stock icon)
	- Added documentation on integrating Python widgets (Juan Pablo Ugarte)
	- Fixed output format for GtkLabel attributes (bug 579793, patch by Davyd Madeley).
	- Removed hard coded size request to palette (Bug 579624).
	- Made Atk proxy objects always have unique names (bug 579565).
	- Removed buggy query dialog from notebook creation (bug 578727).

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