vala 0.7.1

       Module: vala
      Version: 0.7.1
  Uploaded by: Jürg Billeter
  md5sum: 783e98acb53dcacdcb89512c9ed51cf0
 sha1sum: 8b5821cb58550a3f320681617e58a6aa85a43ea4
    size: 2.8M
  md5sum: 109ebbd208be08f5d4927d4af6abf574
 sha1sum: a6c241eb38bcd9b196211fd5dd1565880955d643
    size: 1.8M


Vala 0.7.1

 * Introduce new syntax to connect/disconnect signal handlers.
 * Add experimental support for fixed-length arrays.
 * Update Genie parser (Jamie McCracken).
 * Updates to the GLib, Cairo, GTK+, GStreamer, and POSIX bindings.
 * Many bug fixes.

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