gnote 0.1.2

       Module: gnote
      Version: 0.1.2
  Uploaded by: Hubert Figuiere
  md5sum: a27c8439b87c70b52a42bba5e1ed3769
 sha1sum: dc3c23a67bb3f05afc6941ea79398cb8f4d23f17
    size: 988K
  md5sum: 905a8df3513a519096bcf7d8efc35118
 sha1sum: 1898452a1fcc82fbbe8e8f002e7beec51f4bfeeb
    size: 848K


0.1.2 - 2009/04/15

  * Don't return containers on the stack.
  * BUG: Pinning notes now work.
  * BUG: Fix a potential crasher in PrefsKeybinder in the gconf
  * BUG: Fixed typos in man page.
  * BUG: Remove the use of gettext calls that are only in glib 2.18
  * BUG: Fix Note search that didn't work. (Close #578956) (Wade Berrier)
  * BUG: Fix the position of the menu in case of popping upward.
    (Close #578958)
  * NEW: Imported the manual (Close #578982)
  * NEW: Addin preferences. (TO FINISH)
  * Clarified some (c) notices.

0.1.1 - 2009/04/07

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