gnome-devel-docs 2.26.1

       Module: gnome-devel-docs
      Version: 2.26.1
  Uploaded by: Shaun McCance
  md5sum: 25334f0108ca8c178b435d9079bd41a1
 sha1sum: dfbcd99768f2118d374b9639847eab65a52ce5f7
    size: 3.9M
  md5sum: bd0ecf6d74888cd15a908b99da9877b3
 sha1sum: 3af9254de2f976809a2efb2651a6d27f50832915
    size: 3.4M


Version 2.26.1
* Integration Guide:
  - Updated translations:
    de      (Mario Blättermann)
    el      (Marios Zindilis)
    fr      (Bruno Brouard and Claude Paroz)
* Platform Overview:
  - Fixed typo (Nick Stone)
  - Updated translations:
    de      (Mario Blättermann)
    el      (Simos Xenitellis)
    es      (Jorge Gonzalez)

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