gnome-settings-daemon 2.26.1

       Module: gnome-settings-daemon
      Version: 2.26.1
  Uploaded by: Jens Granseuer
  md5sum: c0482e59f0f0504704ce38f8a8d00a65
 sha1sum: ec8d2bb0bffcc08f723db8d51137307b49262bb3
    size: 1.8M
  md5sum: 7be383de54c0707c64843ae51563c43a
 sha1sum: 0c2cef37a0a3333c314a8205cefea9edb8f0669a
    size: 1.1M


Version 2.26.1
- Fix crash when closing the lid on some laptops (Jens Granseuer) (#576875)
- Fix crash when closing a11y notification bubble (Jens Granseuer) (#576535)
  (use of libnotify >= 0.4.5 highly recommended)
- Fix problems with saving/restoring screen setup (Federico Mena Quintero)
- Make the screen resolution confirmation dialog always appear in front of
  the settings window (Federico Mena Quintero) (#576006)
- Increase confirmation timeout to 30 seconds to give slower devices (like
  projectors) time to adjust
- Avoid some GConf roundtrips (Jens Granseuer) (#578539, #578542)
- Build fixes (Jens Granseuer, yselkowitz users sourceforge net)
- Updated translations:
  - ar (Khaled Hosny)
  - as (Amitakhya Phukan)
  - kn (Shankar Prasad)
  - nb (Kjartan Maraas)
  - sr (MiloÅ¡ PopoviÄ?)
  - sr latin (MiloÅ¡ PopoviÄ?)


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