gnome-bluetooth 2.27.3

       Module: gnome-bluetooth
      Version: 2.27.3
  Uploaded by: Bastien Nocera
  md5sum: 65cc59eb3e9a9bb633796362c109c3a5
 sha1sum: b3f5f861303215a568685aa87731f746af643a84
    size: 704K
  md5sum: 541e8c554ccd801f372d42f786b8becb
 sha1sum: e9779db02a25e5b14772b805c8ceb668fe03f77d
    size: 524K


ver 2.27.3:
	- Fix schema installation
	- Make sure the applet works even without the schema being
	  installed properly
	- Fix display of devices with underscores in their name
	  in the applet
	- Fix some devices with no real audio support (AVCRP phones
	  for example) showing up in the applet

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