gnome-games 2.26.1

       Module: gnome-games
      Version: 2.26.1
  Uploaded by: Jason Clinton
  md5sum: 15ec65fb56fe6bfa22881bf31dd9353d
 sha1sum: 070ae84a346ed95db1a06eaf3d5cc53811ae36a2
    size: 26M
  md5sum: bce5a4126f103cb8fb25aee76e5dd119
 sha1sum: 5e461d85f163c905af107a57ba9449ecf929ae11
    size: 23M


gnome-games 2.26.1

This release brings a handful of translation updates and a few fixes to
non-critical bugs. The smclient changes are to support newer 2.26-style
session management; they are sync'd from upstream libegg. We also have a
few crash fixes: GLChess and Nibbles. Sudoku is also better at handling
bad save game files. Full shortlog below (duplicates compressed).

amitakhya (2):
      Updated assamese translations

aronxu (2):
      Added Simplified Chinese translations by M Zhang <mymzhang at gmail dot com>

bcicek (1):
      Updated Turkish translation

chpe (2):
      Make desktop files validate without warnings.
      Update smclient from libegg

djihed (1):
      Updated Arabic translation

frolix68 (2):
      Added Greek translation by Jennie Petoumenou
      Added el to languages

jclinton (5):
      Branched for 2.26
      Add glchess to list of need_ggz. Fixes build with --enable-games=glchess
      Resync libegg smclient per mclasen request
      Re-apply our custom patches to smclient.
      don't kill worm by pressing backwards. Patch by Roger Light. Fixes bug #516992

jorgegonz (1):
      Updated Spansih translation

kennethn (1):
      Added Danish translation of manual by Joe Hansen

kkrothap (2):
      Updated Changelog entry
      Updated Telugu Translations

kmaraas (1):
      Updated Norwegian bokmål translation.

mariobl (2):
      2009-03-19  Mario Blättermann  <mariobl svn gnome org>

ogmaciel (1):
      Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation.

rancell (1):
      Fix crash when undoing a pawn promotion (Chris Ball, Bug #577395)

simos (44):
      Added Greek translation, figures (Marios Zindilis)
      Added figures (Fotis Tsamis)
      Updated Greek translation (Jennie Petoumenou)
      Added el to DOC_LINGUAS
      Updated Greek translation (Marios Zindilis)
      Added screenshot (Fotis Tsamis)
      Updated Greek translation

sprasad (2):
      updated kn.po

thomashpa (3):
      Only allow one number picker at a time. Bug #530778
      Ignore malformed savegames. Bug #516491
      Reverting changes to ChangeLog.old. Please don't make changes to this file

gnome-games 2.26.0

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