gnome-desktop 2.26.1

       Module: gnome-desktop
      Version: 2.26.1
  Uploaded by: Vincent Untz
  md5sum: b186c83620d95509e4828e00c84bf1ff
 sha1sum: 9757c46df7dd53f08c33116b4755ffb7f9ae90f6
    size: 4.4M
  md5sum: 96f2a033b2db2da1cd8d3d21fef61c4d
 sha1sum: 236e8c63cdb8ae4bc2ebae662a1fac88e09c2747
    size: 3.1M


Version 2.26.1


	* GnomeBG: handle X errors when the root properties point to something
	  wrong when getting the root pixmap (Alexander Larsson)
	* GnomeRR: use XRRGetScreenResourcesCurrent() from RANDR 1.3 when
	  possible, when we only need to fetch the current RANDR status
	  (Alberto Milone, Federico Mena Quintero)


	* Make parsing of gnome-version.xml more tolerant against missing
	  fields (Vincent)


	* Add a --disable-date-in-gnome-version configure option to remove the
	  build date from gnome-version.xml (Vincent)
	* Remove unused --with-kde-datadir configure option (Vincent)

  Doc Translations

	* Kostas Papadimas (el)


	* Djihed Afifi (ar)
	* Ivar Smolin (et)
	* Shankar Prasad (kn)
	* Kjartan Maraas (nb)
	* Nickolay V. Shmyrev (ru)
	* Ð?оÑ?ан РакиÑ? (sr)


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