sound-juicer 2.26.1

       Module: sound-juicer
      Version: 2.26.1
  Uploaded by: Ross Burton
  md5sum: 0921e8afde77b9e0d945571d9803d58a
 sha1sum: 46c705d49ec97a4679218387533af20020c26ddb
    size: 2.4M
  md5sum: 68d085cb577af88553f2dcaf3a0fc2a1
 sha1sum: ed8d04a4536122626910eb0217147793f632e481
    size: 2.0M


Sound Juicer "Bonnie and Clyde" 2.26.1

* Read the track artist instead of album artist in Musicbrain3
* Don't crash if the release date is unknown
* Read tracks when falling back to gvfs

Sound Juicer "Don't Go Back To Dalston" 2.26.0

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